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College Coaches

Tim Corbin

Head Coach / Vanderbilt University
“Tim is known throughout the country as being one of the top developers of youth talent. He genuinely cares about his players on and off the field. The instructional and development model that Tim instills in his players fits the type of player we recruit at Vanderbilt.”

Dan McDonnell

Head Coach / University of Louisville
“Tim is one of the best baseball guys in the country. His credibility in the industry is second to none. When it comes to evaluating talent for potential Louisville recruits – our staff knows we will be getting a full unbiased assessment of the player’s talent level.”

Dave Van Horn

Head Coach / University of Arkansas
“We’ve signed players out of Tim’s program before. Tim and his staff’s evaluations were right on. Tim is one of the most credible baseball guys in the industry.”

Ron Polk

Hall of Fame Coach / Mississippi State University
“We have relied on Tim and his Staff for years to provide us with accurate insight on the best talent in the area.”

Mike Bianco

Head Coach / University of Mississippi
“Tim, you’re the best baseball man in the south! Thanks for all you do.”

Former Players

Mookie Betts

Los Angeles Dodgers
“I talk with Tim all the time. Hitting is unbelievably difficult and complex, and most coaches make it even more compicated. Tim's ability to break down the swing in a simple but effective way is something very few can do.”

Zack Cozart

Cincinnati Reds
“I started working with Tim when I was 12 years old – the same basic principles he taught me then apply to my hitting approach today.”

Julio Borbon

New York Yankees
“The lessons and fundamentals Tim taught me at an early age helped me make it to the major leagues and to a world series.”

Brent Dlugach

Detroit Tigers
“One of Tim’s main goals is to get the best out of each and every player he instructs.”

Professional Scouts

Dan O’Dowd

MLB Network Analyst & Former GM / Colorado Rockies
“As an organization, we know that the quality of instruction Tim provides to his students is the very best. Tim stresses the proper baseball fundamentals and techniques a very young age. The Colorado Rockies know through firsthand experience that the players he instructs will have a very solid foundation – the same solid foundation that has carried many players all the way to Major League Baseball.”

Tom Allison

Major League Scout / Los Angeles Dodgers
“We have great success scouting and signing players from Tim’s organization, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Tim’s program is known throughout the country as being one of the best. The Dodgers Organization is proud to have some of Tim’s former students and players in our organization.”

Jack Powell

Major League Scout / Minnesota Twins
“When I look at Coach Dulins roster, the first thing I know is that he has quality players. They have a tremendous amount of respect for him, and he has a tremendous amout of respect for his players - and that's a two way street.”

Jim “Crawdaddy” Crawford

Major League Scout / Chicago Cubs
“I have been scouting so long, I even scouted Tim Dulin when he played. Tim and his staff do an excellent job of preparing young players on how to play the game on and off the field. As a professional scout, my job is to know everything about the player. The players in Tim’s program separate themselves from the rest.”

Mike Stauffer

Major League Scout / Philadelphia Phillies
“If you spend time with him, you'll know the baseball background he has. He's got the baseball lingo, he's got the baseball experience and year in and year out, he produces players.”