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  1. Dulin’s Dodgers Toss Tournament Shutout
  2. Consistent message drives Dodgers
  3. Dulins Dodgers Pitch Their Way to 3rd Round
  4. Dodgers keep eyes on 3-peat prize
  5. Dulins takes PGWS run into ’20




Lane Allen - University of Texas
Dakota Howard – University of Oklahoma
Barrett Kent - University of Arkansas 
Kyler Proctor - University of Oklahoma


Griffin Herring - LSU
Cade McGarrh – Texas Tech
Jason Burger - University of Houston
Kolby Branch - Baylor University
Dakota Jordan - Mississippi State
Easton Carmichael - University of Oklahoma
Coy Defury - Grayson College
Zach Erdman - Texas Tech
Lincoln Sheffield - Mississippi State
Josh Livingston - Crowder College


Blaze Jordan – Mississippi State University
Nick Bitsko - University of Virginia
Rawley Hector - Texas A&M
Ryan Ginther - Vanderbilt
Jeffrey Ince - Mississippi State University


Ethan Payne – Tennessee
Seth Copeland – MTSU
Austin Kelly – Mississippi State
Kendall Williams – Vanderbilt University
Maurice Hampton Jr - LSU
Dalton Freeman - University of Memphis
Ty Leatherwood - MTSU


Dalton Reese – Tennessee
Andrew Benefield – University of Louisville
J.R. Langworthy – University of Louisville
Cameron Barlow- University of Louisiana-Monroe
Brant Blaylock- Southern Mississippi


Hayden Leatherwood – Vanderbilt
Evan Gilliam – University of Tennessee
Evan Russell – University of Tennessee
Hugh Fisher – Vanderbilt University
Jared Shemper – Alabama


Blake Bennett – University of Memphis
Cal Gobbell – University of Tennessee
Conor Wright – Alabama
Dustin Skelton – Ms. State
Grae Kessinger – University of Mississippi
Houston Roth – University of Mississippi
Jason Barber – University of Mississippi
Justin Ammons – University of Tennessee
Leemarcus Boyd – Southern Mississippi
Thomas Dillard – University of Mississippi
Von Watson – Lipscomb
Riley Self – Mississippi State


Austin Riley – Ms. State
Ben Johnson – Drafted out of HS
Blake Benefield – Middle Tennessee State
Brant Blaylock – Ms. State
Carlos Williams – University of Memphis
Clay Casey – Northwest Mississippi CC
Connor Green – University of Mississippi
Dalton Dulin – Vanderbilt University
Dalton Dulin – Northwest Mississippi CC
Ethan Small – Ms. State
Gray Fenter – Ms. State
Hunter Stovall – Ms. State
Jake Mangum – Ms. State
Keegan James – Ms. State
Leemarcus Boyd – Northwest Mississippi CC
Parker Phillips – Austin Peay
Peyton Plumlee – Ms. State
Peyton Plumlee – Northwest Mississippi CC
Taylor Walker – Northwest Mississippi CC
Trysten Barlow – Ms. State
Luke Alexander – Mississippi State


Andrew Plunkett – University of Tennessee
Austin Sexton – Ms. State
Caleb Powell – Austin Peay
Carlos Williams – University of Mississippi
Chase Hamilton – Austin Peay University
Chase Hensley – Jones Community College
Cheyne Bickel – University of Mississippi
Connor Hawthorne – University of South Alabama
Dalton Dulin – University of Mississippi
Garrett Copeland – Austin Peay University
Jordan Rodgers – University of Tennessee
Michael Ince – Southwest Community College
Patrick Clark – Rhodes College
Ridge Smith – Austin Peay University
Ryan Garner – University of Memphis
Shane Lantigua – Austin Peay University
Tanner Murphy – Southern Illinois University
Tyler Hardin – Murray State University
West Covington – Gulf Coast Comminity College


Brady Bramlett – University of Mississippi
Daniel Garner – Mississippi State University
Drake Owenby University of Tennessee
Holt Perdzock – University of Mississippi
Hunter Lindley – Austin Peay University
Jodan Barnes – Northwest Mississippi CC
John Marc Shelly – Mississippi State University
Jordan Barnes – Northwest Mississippi Community College
KJ Parent – MIT
Kyle Overstreet – University of Alabama
Matthew Ferguson – Northwest Mississippi Community College
Meade Kendrick – Samford University
Michael Parrish – University of Tennessee
Nate Irving – Virginia
Rocky McCord – Auburn
Tanner Murphy – Malden


Brady Bramlett – University of Mississippi
Daniel Garner – Mississippi State University
Drake Owenby University of Tennessee
Holt Perdzock – University of Mississippi
Hunter Lindley – Austin Peay University
Jodan Barnes – Northwest Mississippi CC
John Marc Shelly – Mississippi State University
Jordan Barnes – Northwest Mississippi Community College
KJ Parent – MIT
Kyle Overstreet – University of Alabama
Matthew Ferguson – Northwest Mississippi Community College
Meade Kendrick – Samford University
Michael Parrish – University of Tennessee
Nate Irving – Virginia
Rocky McCord – Auburn
Tanner Murphy – Malden


Brett Stedman – Southwest TN Community College
Caleb DeLee – Meridian Community College
Cody Miller – UT Martin
Cody Reed – Northwest Mississippi CC
Cole Evans – University of Kentucky
David West – Southwest TN Community College
Drew Milligan Delta State Community College
Jake Overbey – University of Mississippi
Jason Manis – University of Tennessee
Jerry Tatum – Southwest TN Community College
KJ Parent – MIT
Michael Gunn – University of Arkansas
Mookie Betts – University of Tennessee
Nate Irving – University of Virginia
Rocky McCord – Auburn University
Shane Riley – Walters State Community College
Trevor Haggard – MTSU
Will Jamison – University of Mississippi


Barrett Aston – University of Arkansas
Blake Allen – University of Mississippi
Blake Myers – University of Memphis
Chrisopher O’Dowd – Dartmouth
Conlon Palo – Middle Tennessee State
Dustin Hudson – Itawamba Community College
Hunter Smith – Austin Peay
Keaton Baker – Middle Tennessee State
Kelly Myers – Davidson College
Kyle Hayes – Union University
Les Smith – University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Sam Moll – University of Memphis
Sawyer Smith – Palm Beach Atlantic University
Zach George – Arkansas State University


Casey Greene – University of Mississippi
Charlie Collins – Dyersburg State Community College
Chris Nunn – Lipscomb University
Christopher O’Dowd – Dartmouth College
Cody Hudson – Austin Peay
Colby Maxwell – Lipscomb University
Coleman Barron – Davidson
Daniel Palo – Middle Tennessee State
David Bowen – Itawamba Community College
David Renfroe – University of Mississippi
Dean Davis – Millsaps College
Drew Griffin – University of Memphis
Harry Clark – UAB
James Bellou – Dyersburg State Community College
Jason Thompson – University of Louisville
Justin Wright Southwest TN Community College
Matt Haynes – UT Martin
Matt Vinson – University of Arkansas
Michael Wills – University of Memphis
Nathan Smith – Furman University
Preston Overbey – University of Mississippi
Scott Lord – Meridian Community College
Thomas Lundborg – Arkansas State University
Will Irvin – Itawamba Community College


Alex Laabs – Lambuth University
Beau Martin – Ouachita Baptist University
Bentley Heyman – Wake Forest
Blair Wright – University of Mississippi
Chase Presley – Harding University
Dalton Kulas – Meridian Community College
Evan Weibel – Meridian Community College
Gardner Richey – Samford University
Justin Wright – Southwest TN Community College
Kyle Thornton – University of Mississippi
Michael Blanchard – Austin Peay
Nick Ray – University of Mississippi
Tyler Massey – University of Virginia
Will Locante – University of Tennessee


Greg Bachman – Austin Peay
Andrew Flaniken – UT Martin
Matt Gilbert Rhodes College
JB Jenkins – Furman University
Jay Lowery – Bethel College
Reed Tuttle – Birmingham Southern
Carter Ragan – Rhodes College
Delta Cleary Jr. – Louisianna State- Eunice


Adam McClain – University of Memphis
Alan Mathis – Northwest Mississippi CC
Billy Todd – Southwest TN Community College
Blake Forsythe – University of Tennessee
Brad Rowland – Murray State
Dane Sharp – University of Memphis
Drew Flaniken – Cleveland State
Drew Pomeranz – University of Mississippi
Dylan Cupples – University of Memphis
Houston Brown – Southern Mississippi
Hunter Dawson – Middle Tennessee State
Jeremy Stevenson – Southwest TN Community College
Jonathan Jones – University of Memphis
Joshua Liles – University of Tennessee
Kevin Crum – Northwest Mississippi CC
Matt Holliman – Cumberland University
Matt Ince – Northwest Mississippi CC
Michael Park – University of Mississippi
Mike Freeman – Walters State Community College
Nathan Baker – University of Mississippi
Robert Graham – University of Memphis
Steven Bayko – Murray State
Taylor Thieke – Murray State
Taylor Walker – Southern Mississippi
Zack Rutland – University of Mississippi


Brandon Goodman – Southwest TN Community College
Chase Carpenter – Dartmouth
Chase Sain – University of Memphis
Grey Avant – Arkansas State University
Julian Henson – Drafted out of HS
Kyle Aldridge – University of Memphis
Kyle Hunt – Northwest Mississippi CC
Logan Forsythe – Arkansas State University
Marc Ashley – University of Memphis
Matt Cain – Drafted out of HS
Matt Lea – University of Louisville
Matt Yokley – University of Memphis
Mitchell Henderson – Southern University
Phillip Irwin – University of Mississippi
Russ Sneed – Mississippi State University
Scott Hawkins – University of Louisiana Lafayette
Sean Johnson – Northwest Mississippi
Seth McFarlin – Murray State
Tyler Huelsing – University of Memphis
Tyler Mathis – University of Louisville
Zac LaBarreare – Southwest TN Community College
Zack Miller – University of Mississippi


Bishop Rawley – MTSU
Chase Carpenter – Dartmouth
Cody Overbeck – University of Mississippi
Collin Bodiford – Okaloosa-Walton Community College
Daniel Bird – Southern Arkansas
Edward Easley – Mississippi State University
Garrett Pepper – Union University
Jamie Carrico – Southwest TN Community College
Jeremy Finney – Southwest TN Community College
John Lalor – Ms. State
John Lalor – Mississippi State University
Josh Meeker – Crichton College
Julio Borbon – University of Tennessee
Kevin Cox – Southern University
Max Lonon – Northwest Mississippi CC
Michael Robbins – Meridian Community College
Miles Moore – UT Martin
Nick Smith – Southwest TN Community College
Phillip Utley – University of Memphis
Rawley Bishop – Middle Tennessee State
Seth Silcock – Lincoln Trail/Union
Shane Jackson – Southwest TN Community College
Walker Sudduth – University of Mississippi
Will Binkley – Ouachita Baptist
Will Hogue – Austin Peay
Zack Cozart – University of Mississippi


Alex Kliman – University of Mississippi
Bo Baker – Austin Peay
Chris Matesich – Southern Mississippi
Clint Arthur – Union University
Dusty Hughes – Delta State
Hunter Jobes – Delta State
Jeff McCollum – Southern University
John Stambaugh – BYU
Jonathan Stambaugh – Brigham Young
Josh Bell – Auburn
Josh Irvin – Northwest MS Mississippi Community College
Keith Jenkins – Texarkana Junior College
Kyle Moffitt – University of Memphis
Lance Scoggins – Jackson State
Philip Utley – Walter State
Ryne Porter – University of Mississippi
Stuart Pomeranz – Drafted out of HS
Taylor Bennett – Okaloosa-Walton Community College


Bill Moss – University of Memphis
Chris Matesich – Southern Mississippi
Chris Rogers – Volunteer State Community College
Colby Paxton – Auburn
Conor Laior – South Carolina
Jon Crosby – Mississippi State
Joseph Hunter – Mississippi State
Josh Bell – Auburn University
Kelly Edmundson – University of Tennessee
Kyle Moffitt – Arkansas State
Kyle Norrid – University of Tennessee
Mark Holliman – University of Mississippi
Mark Wright – University of Mississippi
Matt McGraner – Vanderbilt University
Patrick Hope – University of Memphis
Taylor Bennett – Mississippi State
Taylor Fowler – University of Mississippi
Tyler Pittman – University of Kentucky


Alan Bryan – Samford
Brad Burkhead – Northwest MS Community College
Brent Dlugach – University of Memphis
Chad House – UAB
Charlie Ligon – Motlow Jr. College
Chris Brock – Northwest MS Community College
Chris Godwin – University of Memphis
Daniel Adams – University of Memphis
Daniel De Armas – University of Memphis
JB Fesmire – UAB
Lenden Willis – Motlow Jr. College
Ryan Martin – University of Memphis
Tim Lloyd – Northwest Mississippi CC


Andrew Christy – North Alabama
Andy Gessell – University of Memphis
Colby Paxton – Auburn University
Dustin Holmes – Volunteer State Jr. College
Josh Barton – Northwest Mississippi CC
Josh Payne – University of Memphis
Lendon Willis – Motlow State CC
Nick Bradshaw – University of Mississippi
Troy Martin – Northwest Mississippi CC


Eric Filsinger – University of Tennessee
Nick Pilkington – Vanderbilt University


Eric Filsinger – University of Tennessee
Nick Pilkington – Vanderbilt University
Ronte Langs – Oklahoma State


Cary Hiles – University of Memphis
Jay Hood – Georgia Tech
Justin Headley – University of Kansas


Craig House – University of Memphis
Adam Larson – MTSU


Layne Dawson – University of Memphis
Jeff Kasser – MTSU


Chris Lotterhos – Mississippi State University
George Sherrill – Austin Peay